January 31, 2014

1 Piece, 4 Seasons

I recently joined Lolita Blog Carnival, a fb group for lolita bloggers (No way Sherlock!), and in their own words: “What we do here is simple: We decide on a topic, set a date, and then we all make a blog post about that topic on that date.” Pretty simple and fun, isn’t it? I’m quite happy to join it because I never know what to post on my blog and I want to make it more Lolita related.

This week’s topic is “1 piece, 4 seasons.” I will cheat on this one for two reasons:
  1. 1. I don’t want to use Polyvore with pieces I just find around there, for me it’s more fun if I use my own wardrobe and I’m actually wearing the outfits… which leads me to the second reason.
  2. 2.   Right now I’m outside Serbia (Finland yay!) so, I’m far from my Lolita wardrobe.

What I’m going to do is to post pictures with outfits I used during those seasons ;3 There is only one piece of which I have pictures of all seasons (Good, I can include a story as well), it is this Bodyline skirt:

January 28, 2014

My Most Precious Lolita Item

Another activity from the fb group Rosas de Azúcar. This time it consists in posting our most precious Lolita item.

Otra actividad del grupo en fb de Rosas de Azúcar. Esta vez se trata de postear nuestro ítem lolita más preciado.

Which is your most precious accessory or garment? This IW JSK
¿Cuál es tu accesorio o prenda lolita más valioso? Este JSK de IW

 photo SDC16125_zps6a73f528.jpg

Is it because it’s expensive, a gift from someone special or hard to get? It’s because it was my first brand item, my first non ita JSK and my first IW thing, it has been with me for years! Thanks to this JSK I started to love IW <3

¿Lo es por caro, un regalo de alguien especial o fue difícil de conseguir? Es porque fue mi primer prenda de marca, mi primer JSK no ita y mi primera cosa de IW, ha estado conmigo por años! Gracias a este JSK comencé a amar IW <3

 photo DSC00363.jpg
One of the first times I wore this JSK, I was so young!
Una de las primeras veces que usé este JSK, era tan joven!

Does it have a story? Well, it was hard to get it since I didn’t have paypal at that time, and Candy, a Spanish Lolita was nice with me and accepted money through western union. It was quite a problematic transaction, and I’m grateful that Candy had a lot of patience, and at the end I got it <3 I stopped wearing it because it torn in the chest and I didn’t want to touch it because I could make it worse. I was able to fix it in 2012, but I gained a lot of weight and couldn’t wear it anyway. Finally last year I lost all that weight and I’m ready to use it in spring ^^

¿Tiene historia? Bueno, fue difícil de obtener porque en ese entonces no tenía paypal, y Candy, una lolita española fue buena onda y acepto que le pagara por western unión. Fue una transacción algo problemática, y agradezco que Candy fuera tan paciente, y al final lo obtuve <3 Dejé de usarlo porque se rasgo un poco en el pecho y no quería tocarlo por miedo a empeorarlo. Fui capaz de arreglarlo en el 2012, pero engordé mucho y no lo pude usar. Por fin este ultimo año perdí todo el peso ganado y estoy lista para usarlo de nuevo esta primavera ^^

 photo SDC11061.jpg
Picture of the last time I was able to wear it in 2011.
Foto de la ultima vez que puse usarlo en el 2011.

Other girls that have made the activity (Spanish)


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