January 31, 2014

1 Piece, 4 Seasons

I recently joined Lolita Blog Carnival, a fb group for lolita bloggers (No way Sherlock!), and in their own words: “What we do here is simple: We decide on a topic, set a date, and then we all make a blog post about that topic on that date.” Pretty simple and fun, isn’t it? I’m quite happy to join it because I never know what to post on my blog and I want to make it more Lolita related.

This week’s topic is “1 piece, 4 seasons.” I will cheat on this one for two reasons:
  1. 1. I don’t want to use Polyvore with pieces I just find around there, for me it’s more fun if I use my own wardrobe and I’m actually wearing the outfits… which leads me to the second reason.
  2. 2.   Right now I’m outside Serbia (Finland yay!) so, I’m far from my Lolita wardrobe.

What I’m going to do is to post pictures with outfits I used during those seasons ;3 There is only one piece of which I have pictures of all seasons (Good, I can include a story as well), it is this Bodyline skirt:


Since in Serbia the weather is fresh, it’s time to use lighter colors, a white cotton blouse seems perfect, and it still has some dark details as the skirt. This picture was taken while I was still living in Mexico, during September, which is a month that actually feels like real spring, in my city spring time kills!, it's the hottest time of the year.

Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Headbow: Handmade
Everything else: Off brand

Since it’s a hot season a simple cutsew with some cute detail is the way to go. Wearing something small in the head is perfect, because when it’s hot I prefer to use the least possible accessories. Booties are actually a big fail, let’s just pretend I’m wearing the shoes of the previous picture ;)
This picture was actually taken during spring in Mexico, and it was hot as hell, just as summer here in Serbia (it can get to more than 40°C) haha

Cutsew: Dodostyle
Headband: Bodyline
Everything else: Off brand


The weather starts to be a little bit colder, it’s windy and cloudy. It’s possible to wear a black cotton blouse and booties are not a fail. I find that a darker coord suits this season. Actually I took his picture also in spring, when I decided to wear Lolita everyday for a month, it was dead when I wore more than a cutsew (90% of the times haha). I think we don't really have autumn in my city in Mexico.

Headbow: Handmade
Everything else: Off brand


Being cold outside it’s better to cover as much as possible. Change the socks for thighs, wear a heavy jacket and a beret to keep the head warm. This was my second outfit after moving to Serbia and the first time I was wearing Lolita in the snow, also my first real winter so, I was pretty happy. I’ve always preferred cold weather and my city in Mexico was the city of the eternal summer.

Jacket: Forever21
Bag: I think it’s New Yorkers
Everything else: Off Brand

And that’s it. This last year I got more accessories than the ones I had back then when those pictures were taken and I could have made nicer outfits, but it’s not that bad (I guess).

Other girls that have participated:


  1. Hay it was refreshing to read about someone who has a similar weather problem as I do, only the polar opposite! :D That skirt is really cute and coord-able (is that a word?), I especially like the summer and autumn coords.

    1. Thank you 8D and yeah, that damn weather that has to be so extreme =P On Saturday I felt how was to be a lolita in the cold nordic weather and I almost died hahaha

  2. Es que a una prenda se le puede sacar mucho partido, encasillarla esta mal que nos perdemos todas sus posibilidades XD

    El grupo pinta bien, si tuviese más tiempo me animaba, pero últimamente ni entradas hago _ _


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