September 25, 2013

Finland Meets Mexico in Serbia

In one of my entries I wrote about a trip I made to Finland, well, now it was his turn to visit me. It all started on August 6, he arrived at midnight and after 3 months, I was so happy, excited and nervous to see him again. When I saw him crossing that door, I couldn’t believe it was real, I just ran to hug him. Sadly when we were in the bus… it broke down ¬¬ sooo, we had to walk home. At least he didn’t get mad or anything, even though he was really tired, I was the one who was mad =P

  photo IMG_2547_zps0912c11d.jpg 

September 16, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins

Esta vez la actividad lolita consiste en escribir sobre los 7 pecados capitales en el Lolita. Cuando recién leí sobre esta actividad me la imaginé un poco diferente, sin embargo, también esta es divertida, así que vamos a ello.

This lolita activity is about the 7 deadly sins in the lolita. When I first heard about it, I imagined it a little bit different, however, this is fun too so, let’s start.

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