October 23, 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

On October 12 was held the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. Tickets were sold months ago and they were sold out in minutes! I was really lucky to get one. Since at that time there was no paypal in Serbia, it was painful to make the payment, but thanks to my family and friends in Mexico, I was able to pay ^^

The day came and I woke up super early to take my plane. I arrived some hours later and ran to the hostel to take a shower and change my clothes. Sadly it was a bad hair day, and I had nothing to fix it! I did all I could and went to the hotel where the Tea Party would be.

I arrived and it was awesome, it was the first time I saw such an amount of beautiful well dressed lolitas.

October 15, 2013

One Month in an Appartment in Finland

It was my turn to go to Finland. I went the night before to the train station to take my train to Budapest, since flights from there are way cheaper than from Belgrade. I arrived in the morning and killed time until 5. Since for some weird reason I wanted to get Pizza Hut really bad, I went to look for it, there was only one place that sells it, the Plaza Arena.  

 photo SDC19239_zpsa8af3090.jpg 
Biiiig disappointment! But at least I found a beautiful dress at Orsay haha 

October 2, 2013

We are so poor we could only afford going to two countries

As I said in my last entry, he came to visit me from Finland, we spent two nice weeks and Croatia and Slovenia were the next places to visit. I really wanted him to go to Plitvice, the national park in Croatia so, the trip was tiring, all night long from Belgrade to Zagreb and then 2 hours and a half to Plitvice.

I won’t put pictures of the park, but if you’re curious you can check this post I made in my LJ from the first time I went. It’s incredibly beautiful, and something that everyone should see before dying haha

 photo IMG_3221_zps051bc1d2.jpg

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