October 23, 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

On October 12 was held the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. Tickets were sold months ago and they were sold out in minutes! I was really lucky to get one. Since at that time there was no paypal in Serbia, it was painful to make the payment, but thanks to my family and friends in Mexico, I was able to pay ^^

The day came and I woke up super early to take my plane. I arrived some hours later and ran to the hostel to take a shower and change my clothes. Sadly it was a bad hair day, and I had nothing to fix it! I did all I could and went to the hotel where the Tea Party would be.

I arrived and it was awesome, it was the first time I saw such an amount of beautiful well dressed lolitas.

As soon as I entered, they gave me a bag with many flyers, a cute ring and a lovely pair of IW socks. It was a quite nice detail. The place was lovely and well decorated. At the back were some indie stands and also an IW stand. I had to go there first. They didn’t have a lot of things for sale, but I found a JSK that I loved and had to buy. It felt gorgeous to buy directly instead of online, because I could feel the fabric and see the detail by myself.

Then I went to the Lady Sloth stand, I was curious about her cloth but never decided to order something. At the end I bought a black blouse, and I regret not buying a JSK she had. Sometimes I hate to over think haha. There were many interesting and cute things for sale, but my budget was small.

After a moment the buffet was opened. There were many delicious desserts and some mini croissants. Everything tasted good, and there was plenty of food for everyone.  I looked for a place to seat and eat.

JSK and Blouse: Innocent World
Flowers and Bow Handmade
Bag: Vintage
Booties: Off brad

Then it was time for the fashion show, showing new IW releases, and some of them weren’t in the site yet. It was beautiful to see all those wonderful dresses. Definitely IW is my favorite brand.

Then the band Lolita Komplex gave an acoustic short performance. I must say that it was the first time I heard this band, and they were quite good.

A Q&A was held with the IW designer Yumi Fujiwara. She’s adorable, and I found funny when she was asked if the clothes had a meaning and she answered that she just like pretty dresses. Also she was asked about the possibility of opening an IW store in Europe, and she answered that she had never thought about it, but would consider it.

Then the raffle started, but they had a limited amount of tickets and I couldn’t get one. Then the contest for the 3 best dressed girls started. Yumi Fujiwara had to pick the 3 girls and tae them with her. The winner of the first place looked like the IW model… I guess it makes sense haha The girl was so happy she almost cried awww. My favorite of the 3 was the second place, the girl with the white dress, she looked beautiful!

2°, 1°, Yumi Fujiwara and 3° place

And then it was all over. We had a little bit of free time, took the group picture and left. I really loved this event, it was very well organized and actually, at first I thought the tickets were expensive, but after this experience they were actually cheap. I’m so happy I attended it, it was my first Lolita event (And the best, an IW one!) and I’ll never forget it.

Miyu, a super nice lolita from Croatia, I hope I can go there soon ;D

Duplica, one of the first lolitas I saw, being my inspiration since 2006 <3

There is only one negative thing, I’m super shy, like, really really shy, and I was not able to talk at all! Sometimes I hate myself for that haha I only talked with a couple of girls. But it doesn’t really matter, I can have fun even if I’m not social =P

There was an after party at 9:30, but thaaaanks to my roommate I was kind of sick and I couldn’t go )= Now, random pictures from Sunday.

The center was dead in the sense of eery shop being closed, but there was this march, I don't really know why =P

My picture sucks, but the JSK is beautiful <3 Love at first sight haha

Looks kind of meeh in the picture, my camera is the meeh, the blouse is lovely ^^ and perfect for classic 8D

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  1. NNOOOO QUE HERMOSO POST!! Te ves bien mamasotaaaa!! uwu gracias por compartir <3

  2. Se ve que estuvo super bonito el evento! que bueno que pudiste asistir :). Recuerdo a Duplica del lolita snap, que emoción! :D

  3. hiho! Duplica is writing. You are a super cute girl and it was a plesure to meet you! I wish I would have had more time to talk to you.
    It makes me happy to hear that you think it was worth the money

  4. Ahhhh que enviiiida!!! *______* Me habría encantado poder asistir a esta Tea Party! Ha sido genial leer tu crónica, porque apenas había visto fotos del evento en algun sitio. Se ve que lo pasasteis genial!

  5. *O* Tuvo que ser mágico <3<3<3

    Te veías preciosa.

  6. Agh, maldición, juraba que ya había comentado. Todo se ve tan elegante y bonito! El lugar tan ad-hoc con la marca y el eventos tan bello! Que bueno que todo haya valido la pena y por el renombre y lo que narras no lo dudo. Todas lucen super hermosas, todo tan bello y ese jsk que te conseguiste es preciosisimo. No dudo que en vivo sea algo espectacular <3


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