October 15, 2013

One Month in an Appartment in Finland

It was my turn to go to Finland. I went the night before to the train station to take my train to Budapest, since flights from there are way cheaper than from Belgrade. I arrived in the morning and killed time until 5. Since for some weird reason I wanted to get Pizza Hut really bad, I went to look for it, there was only one place that sells it, the Plaza Arena.  

 photo SDC19239_zpsa8af3090.jpg 
Biiiig disappointment! But at least I found a beautiful dress at Orsay haha 

 photo SDC19240_zpsc99b4024.jpg

Then I went to the center because there is one store that sells Valentina Sauce, which I loooove, and at the moment it was sold out, but I told them that I’d be back at the second half of the month. And then I went to eat, I don’t like Hungary that much, but the food is great! 

 photo SDC19242_zps9e05755a.jpg  photo SDC19241_zpsaa9f5ab6.jpg
I ordered ginger ale, and from this moment, my obsession started. When I was in Finland instead of getting Dr. Pepper like last time, I got only ginger ale. So bad I haven't found it here in Serbia )=

When I went to the airport I wanted to check something about my ticket, but the damn employee didn’t pay me any attention and told me that everything was fine. I waited for 4 hours and when it was time to board… there was a problem with my ticket. At the end, I had to buy another one, just one way, and 3 times more expensive that the first one. Btw, I made a reclamation to Norwegian Airline, but they have been ignoring me >_>

 photo SDC19244_zps091dd79f.jpg
Stupid Airport >_>

Anyway, I made my way to Finland and arrived at midnight. Since I had to buy my return ticket again, instead of buying it for September 16 as the previous one, I got it for September 22. I was going to stay there almost a month. 

 photo SDC19245_zps98d815db.jpg 

Next day we ordered kebab <3 I really like this one, is super nice and tasty.

I went to Helsinki twice in all that time. Once was for shopping, and I didn’t really find anything I like, but I came across with this adorable Muumi shop and got an umbrella, which is in my pupe now. I wanted to get the comic books, but they were big and heavy and were not going to fit in my little backpack. 

 photo SDC19280_zps20c02bc4.jpg 
This store was amazing! Lots of vintage clothes, really beautiful. I fell in love with one dress, so bad I'm too fat for it )= if not, I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

 photo SDC19282_zpse9312e40.jpg
At the end I just relaxed with a capuccino and a couple of macarons ^^

The second time I went there was for the Independence Day, that was celebrates on September 12. It was a little nice event, with good Mexican food ^^ I really didn’t talk with people since I’m super shy, but I had a nice time anyway. 

 photo IMG_3625_zps71caa36d.jpg  photo SDC19299_zpscfc39563.jpg  photo SDC19279_zpsa194967a.jpg

The event was held behind the church, in the crypts.

Aside that I just went out to the supermarket, and to make little walks around with him. During my first week there he was still on vacations so, we cooked, watched movies and played Little Big Planet, I really liked that game, and it’s so cute and fun. 

 photo SDC19257_zpsaeeeec46.jpg  photo SDC19261_zpsddb1ea2d.jpg

We made our own pizza <3 it was great, ans we were able to put all the ingredients we wanted yay

 photo SDC19267_zpsd46b2c7d.jpg

Isn't this the cutest thing ever? I love muumin and also, the taste was awesome.

 photo SDC19284_zps227d5d91.jpg
First time I saw an ice cream with that flavor, I had to try it! And it was goood, better than expected.

 photo SDC19247_zps21427f43.jpg
I ate millions of these karelia pies. The filling is made of boiled eggs, salt and butter. It tastes sooooo good. They were my everyday breakfast ^^
 photo SDC19291_zps0e038314.jpg
 photo SDC19289_zps94eadc06.jpg
And in one of our walks, we found...

 photo SDC19290_zpsd9675719.jpg

 photo SDC19294_zps7ac40c94.jpg

Then he started to work and I spent the time in the apartment, I’m a house person so, I didn’t really get bored, I started to watch all the episodes of King of the Hill. Then something happened and we were able to spend more time together, but with no money haha at the end life was like that, movies and videogames, I was able to play Portal 2, I wanted to play it since forever. 

During the second weekend I tried for the first time the finnish sauna. I think it was 85°C, I almost died hahaha I could barely move after that. It was an... interesting experience. The other two times I went I stayed in the lowest level where the heat is not that intense. It's a weird feeling, I didn't love it, but I'd go again haha

One of those days we went to watch football, he was all happy and I… well, I wasn’t bad or anything, I just don’t get football, I prefer hockey =P but was still fun :3 Also, he took me to play disc golf, it’s a flying disc and you have to throw it in a basket with the less number of throws. It was super fun! I was pretty bad at it, but it was my first time =P 

It might sounds boring, but it wasn’t at all. I was soooo happy, and wanted to stay forever, but we can never do what we want in life. The last day was so sad, and I cried so much, but I didn’t have any other choice. He took me to the airport and I had to fly to Budapest. On the way to the airport I remembered something… Heureka! We were planning all the month to go to that museum but never did >_> I really wanted to go, but I guess it’ll be next time. 

The return was hard, not only in the emotional way but also in the physical one. I arrived at night and had to sleep at the airport, then I went to the store to get my sauce, only 2 bottles out of the 10 I wanted >_> oh well, after that I went to one store to get macarons, they had so many flavors, I bought 15 8D and finally went to eat before taking my train to Belgrade at 1:20. By that time my back was killing me because of my backpack. Anyway, those were super boring 8 hours in the train, I had nothing to do, and I couldn’t sleep. I arrived to Belgrade at night, went to Avala and slept, alone, damn, that was hard. 

And that’s it, the next possible date will be in December, when he will probably come… I hope.

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