November 9, 2013

Personal challenge - 100% off brand lolita

I decided to set as a small goal to make the most loliable outfit I could out of off brand. The only thing I used that was specifically for Lolita was the petticoat, the rest is stuff I got in normal stores.

Decidí fijarme una pequeña meta que consiste en hacer un outfit lolita con puro off brand. La unica prenda que usé que fuera especificamente lolita fue el petticoat, el resto son cosas que encontré en tiendas normales.

JSK: Orsay
Blouse (Blusa): Vintage
Flower & Bag (Flor y bolso): H&M
Necklace (collar): Serbian designer
Shoes & Tights (zapatos y medias): Random store

October 23, 2013

Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna

On October 12 was held the Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna. Tickets were sold months ago and they were sold out in minutes! I was really lucky to get one. Since at that time there was no paypal in Serbia, it was painful to make the payment, but thanks to my family and friends in Mexico, I was able to pay ^^

The day came and I woke up super early to take my plane. I arrived some hours later and ran to the hostel to take a shower and change my clothes. Sadly it was a bad hair day, and I had nothing to fix it! I did all I could and went to the hotel where the Tea Party would be.

I arrived and it was awesome, it was the first time I saw such an amount of beautiful well dressed lolitas.

October 15, 2013

One Month in an Appartment in Finland

It was my turn to go to Finland. I went the night before to the train station to take my train to Budapest, since flights from there are way cheaper than from Belgrade. I arrived in the morning and killed time until 5. Since for some weird reason I wanted to get Pizza Hut really bad, I went to look for it, there was only one place that sells it, the Plaza Arena.  

 photo SDC19239_zpsa8af3090.jpg 
Biiiig disappointment! But at least I found a beautiful dress at Orsay haha 

October 2, 2013

We are so poor we could only afford going to two countries

As I said in my last entry, he came to visit me from Finland, we spent two nice weeks and Croatia and Slovenia were the next places to visit. I really wanted him to go to Plitvice, the national park in Croatia so, the trip was tiring, all night long from Belgrade to Zagreb and then 2 hours and a half to Plitvice.

I won’t put pictures of the park, but if you’re curious you can check this post I made in my LJ from the first time I went. It’s incredibly beautiful, and something that everyone should see before dying haha

 photo IMG_3221_zps051bc1d2.jpg

September 25, 2013

Finland Meets Mexico in Serbia

In one of my entries I wrote about a trip I made to Finland, well, now it was his turn to visit me. It all started on August 6, he arrived at midnight and after 3 months, I was so happy, excited and nervous to see him again. When I saw him crossing that door, I couldn’t believe it was real, I just ran to hug him. Sadly when we were in the bus… it broke down ¬¬ sooo, we had to walk home. At least he didn’t get mad or anything, even though he was really tired, I was the one who was mad =P

  photo IMG_2547_zps0912c11d.jpg 

September 16, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins

Esta vez la actividad lolita consiste en escribir sobre los 7 pecados capitales en el Lolita. Cuando recién leí sobre esta actividad me la imaginé un poco diferente, sin embargo, también esta es divertida, así que vamos a ello.

This lolita activity is about the 7 deadly sins in the lolita. When I first heard about it, I imagined it a little bit different, however, this is fun too so, let’s start.

August 23, 2013

My First Outfit

Recientemente me uní al grupo de Rosas de Azúcar, un grupo para blogs lolita en español y en donde se realizarán actividades para postear en el blog. La primera es sobre nuestro primer outfit.

Recently I joined the group Rosas de Azúcar (Sugar Roses), a group for Lolita blogs in Spanish and where different activities will be made to post in the blog. The first one is about our first outfit.

July 27, 2013

Supposely now I know serbian

This last Wednesday was the “graduation” of the Serbian course on Avala for the project “Svet u Srbiji” (The world in Serbia). We had to sing, dance and some others had to recite some personal redaction. At the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I woke up early to take a shower and then my friend Suhejl came to my room to do the makeup and the hair. Hel told me what to wear and everything. I can’t believe how good he is at that stuff; I really liked how I looked.

We were in the middle of the last practice when the guest started to arrive so, we had to stop and wait till everyone was on their sit. I had to dance a song called “Moja čokolada” (My chocolate) and I was dying! I’m shy, and I simply cannot go in front of people doing those things, I felt like an idiot. Happily it ended fast.

We continued with the presentation when they put the video of a friend who abandoned the program. It was a really sad video, I looked at the audience and there were a lot of people crying.

At some point there was the turn of this guy from Congo who made a hip-hop song, and he really surprised the audience. It’s a very simple song about the life in Avala. I’ll write the lyric, because even if it’s very simple, I find very creative to write a song in Serbian after 3 months of studying it.

Svakog dana jedemo krompir (Every day we eat potatos)
Svakog dana idemo na Banjicu (Every day we go to Banjica –basically it’s where civilizations starts)
Svakog dana imamo čas (Every day we have classes)
Pola pet, mi smo umorni (4:30 we are tired)

At the end we danced kolo, which is a very simple Serbian dance, it was very very fun, it’s basically the only thing I can dance haha

The event finished when they gave us our diplomas. And then there were a lot of pictures, a cocktail in the restaurant, and a party at night… I didn’t go since I was tiiiired.

    photo Tan2013-7-24_154455495_3_zps5f068a71.jpg

July 7, 2013

I Love Being a Lolita in Serbia

Today I want to write about the reasons for which I like to be a Lolita in Serbia. I cannot say I dress very often, since I used to have classes everyday during all day, and now that I have more time, I’m traveling (And traveling with Lolita clothes is incredibly uncomfortable) or I do nothing (I’m lazy like that haha), but if I have the chance, I take my frills and go outside.

Take into account that I’m going to compare how I live Lolita here and how I lived it in Guadalajara so, this is only my point of view.

 photo SDC17786_zps60bf9d30.jpg

July 2, 2013

Jagodina or, where are my strawberries?!

Last Saturday I was planning of going to one city in Serbia, but at the end I changed my destination to Jagodina, a small city 3 hours away from Belgrade. The reason is that I gave this trip as a birthday present to my friend Asni and she wanted to go there, Why? Because she looooves strawberries, which in Serbian are called Jagode, and only because of the name she wanted to go. At the end, well, I didn’t see any strawberry hahaha 

We had to catch the train of 7:50am, it was 7:42 and we were still on the bus! We had to run to the train station and buy the tickets fast! The train was full and we had to go in a different cabinet. I slept all the way, since we had to wake up at 5:30am to be ready. 

June 22, 2013

Problems of Being a Lolita in Serbia

Being a lolita in Serbia is not something easy for 4 main reasons.


It just started to work here just a couple of months ago, before that the only way to pay was Western Union (Which commissions suck badly), or credit card, which basically prevented from buying in the second hand market and Japanese stores. I’m not an expert in this matter, but a girl from here told me that is was almost impossible to buy online, and actually none of the people I know here do it. Yes, now there is paypal and it’s not a problem anymore, but sure it helped to the fact that there are almost no lolitas in Serbia.

Shipping prices

Serbia is usually one of the most expensive countries to ship something, at least from my experience. I’m not really sure how does the postal system works, but every time I put Serbia in a web page, it gives me a really high price. When I ship from México, the cheaper price is for America, then Europe, Australia, Asia, and almost at the end small countries like Serbia with no concrete list. Or for example, when I ordered a coat from Infanta, the shipping cost to Serbia was 60euros with no tracking, while it was 45euros to Vienna using EMS.


Most salaries in Serbia are not high, everyone say it here, Serbia is a poor country. Yes, if you go out, all people is having a good time all day long, bars are full, and it gives the impression that everyone have money, but that’s not the case. Lolita cloth is very expensive, especially for students who don’t have a work.


I’ve been going around fabric stores, and there are really not that many options. There are a few nice prints and that’s it, I haven’t found a lot of lace either, so, handmade is not that easy. Of course that plain dresses with no print can be made, but finding a beautiful fabric always inspires.

Lack of a community

I don’t really consider this as a really big problem, but it’s a plus I wanted to mention. I talked a little bit with a girl who used to be Lolita, and she told me that what I’m going to find are those girls who dress like lolitas in anime conventions. I was looking around and I couldn’t find anything. For me this is not a problem, but there are girls that could get discouraged with the problems above plus, the lack of other lolitas to share their interests.

But not everything is black in Serbia for the Lolita, there is a positive and beautiful side which I’ll write about in my next entry.

June 19, 2013


Travelling is one of those thing I’ve became addict since I arrive to Serbia. Going around and looking to a new environment when possible is interesting and enjoyable. Last week the chosen place was Vršac. Located 85 kilometers from Belgrade, near the border with the region of Transylvania in Rumania, Vršac is a small city of approximately 40,000 habitants. 

June 12, 2013


El fin de semana pasado hice mi maleta nuevamente puesto que ya había pasado mucho tiempo encerrada. Esta vez el destino no sería un país extranjero, sino que una ciudad en Serbia. Con una población de aproximadamente 180,000 habitantes, Kragujevac es la cuarta ciudad más grande en Serbia (Después de Belgrado, Novi Sad y Niš). Se encuentra a aproximadamente dos horas de Belgrado, lo que me viene de maravilla, porque hacer viajes de 8-12 horas para un fin de semana resulta agotador. Lo que escribiré enseguida será un relato de los hechos que sucedieron durante mi viaje, si fue un buen viaje o no, eso será juzgado por el lector. 

May 26, 2013

One Weekend, Two Cities

Last weekend Sabriana and I decided to improvise another little trip. This time the destination was Macedonia! We decided to go on Friday morning and in the afternoon we were going out only with our backpacks. Since I have the experience of going by train, and it wasn’t pleasant at all (It’s a very transited train so, usually there’s people sleeping in the aisle, the bathrooms are hell and every passport check out lasts an eternity) we decided to go by bus. 

May 16, 2013

Un Fin de Semana Improvisado

Debido a los problemas que tuve para ir a Finlandia, al final me quedó sobrando un boleto de tren para Budapest, y algunas personas sabrán que Hungría no es de mis países predilectos, pero no podía desperdiciarlo! Así que fui con dos amigos (Sabriana y Conell), fue todo improvisado ya que lo decidimos dos días antes. Agarramos nuestras mochilas y nos encaminamos en la noche para la estación de trenes. 

May 8, 2013

10 Días en Finlandia

Hace poco tuve vacaciones y decidí hacer un viaje muy importante. Mi destino fue Finlandia! ¿Pero qué me llevó a tomar la decisión de ir por 10 días a un solo país? La respuesta es simple, se trata de esa pequeña cosa llamada amor. Le conocí de una forma random y estuvimos hablando durante 11 meses casi todos los días.

El trayecto fue difícil, pasé una de las peores noches de mi vida debido a miles de complicaciones que no mencionaré, pero al final pude llegar al país 3 horas antes de lo planeado. Debido a esto él aún estaba trabajando, así que le fui a esperar a una estación de tren. Cuando llegó estaba tan nerviosa que apenas pude pronunciar palabra, además estaba haciendo frío y como no tenía suéter me estaba congelando. Llegamos a su apartamento, cocinamos algo y vimos una película, al final del día ya podíamos hablar sin problemas y nos entendimos bastante bien.

Ese fin de semana él debía de trabajar, así que fui a conocer Helsinki sola. Mi primer indicio de que era un país costoso fueron los 4.50 euros que me costó el boleto del transporte público valido por 1 hora y media. Llegué a la ciudad y comencé a caminar sin rumbo ya que no tenía un mapa, cabe mencionar que es una ciudad bastante bonita, no importaba hacia donde caminara, siempre me encontraba con algo digno de admirar a mi paso. Eventualmente llegué a la oficina de turismo y conseguí el mapa, junto con una invitación a tomar café y un tour por la ciudad. Al final fue un buen día, el chico que conocí me llevó a algunos puntos importantes de la ciudad y me contó sobre el estilo de vida que se lleva ahí. Sin embargo al regresar a casa tomé el autobús equivocado y tuve que regresar a tomar el correcto, afortunadamente una chica rusa muy dulce hizo todo lo posible por ayudarme y pude llegar a salvo <3

El siguiente día fue muy tranquilo, una caminada por la ciudad y una visita al Museo Militar (Que por cierto, es mucho más pequeño que el de Serbia). Después de eso estuve con él el resto de la semana y realmente no tengo palabras para describir como me sentí. Hicimos varias cosas, como cuando comenzó a manejar sin rumbo y llegamos a un pueblito precioso llamado Porvoo, intentamos hacer un picnic que fracasó por el frío que estaba haciendo, me acompañó a caminar por Helsinki, estuvimos en un bar a ver un partido de Hockey, fuimos a Suomenlinna que es una fortaleza y forma parte del Patrimonio de la Humanidad de la Unesco, e incluso cosas aburridas como ir de compras a un supermercado fue genial hacerlo con él, me divertí cocinando y por primera vez lavar los platos no fue tan horrible =P

Nunca creí que me sentiría tan triste por volver a Belgrado. No quería abordar ese avión, no quería separarme de él y no quería despertar al día siguiente sin tenerle a mi lado. Sin embargo la vida no es como quisiéramos, pero por lo menos ayer compró el boleto de avión para venir a Belgrado en agosto <3

Y ahora algunas fotos =P

March 13, 2013

Dos Meses

Ha pasado bastante tiempo desde que actualicé. Pero es difícil escribir cuando mi vida consiste en despertarme, ir a desayunar, clases de 9 a 2, ir a comer, descansar un poco, clases de 4:30 a 7, ir a cenar, y después lavar ropa, estudiar o ver una película. Los sábados sólo tengo clases por la mañana, aunque nunca voy a la ciudad, salgo a caminar por el bosque que está detrás de la residencia o duermo. Algunos domingos salgo, otros soy muy floja o muy coda como para salir. Pero a pesar de todo eso estoy muy contenta porque por fin estoy aprendiendo ese idioma que tanto me gusta.

Han pasado dos meses y medio desde que llegué a Europa (Y dos meses desde que estoy como tal en Serbia). No he ido a la ciudad ni una quinta parte de las veces que fui la última vez que viví aquí, pero no importa, ha sido por estar ocupada y por vivir lejos de la ciudad haha. Hace poco recibí mi beca y no queda nada de nada haha pero no importa, la gasté en cosas que realmente valen la pena (un vestido de 60 euros lol), y otra cosa más importante.

Mi vida social es rara, creo que eso jamás cambiará, pero no importa. A veces es divertido =P En fin, dejo algunas fotos, y la próxima entrada será algo más lolita, ya tengo el tema pensado ^^

January 20, 2013

Volim Sneg!!!

Antier estaba en clases y cuando miré por la ventana vi que estaba nevando, faltaban 15 minutos para salir pero me empecé a poner ansiosa porque quería salir a verla hahaha parezco niña chiquita. Cuando acabó a clase fui a llevar mis cosas al cuarto y salí junto con mi roomate, nos tomamos algunas fotos y fuimos a comer. Como a las 6 vimos que todo el suelo estaba cubierto y salimos otra vez a tomar fotos XD amo la nieve!

January 14, 2013

Una Semana en Viena

El jueves de la semana pasada fue de esos días en los que dices “Estoy aburrida, ha ya sé, iré a Viena”. Estaba yo  en mi habitación cuando mi amiga Leslie que vive allá me invitó a pasar el tiempo que tuviera libre por allá y puesto que las clases no comenzarían hasta el 14 acepté, y esa misma tarde nos pusimos a buscar vuelos, tuvimos algunos problemas y yo tuve que comprar el vuelo al día siguiente.

January 2, 2013

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

Este 2013 será un año muy importante para mí, ya que lo he comenzado con un giro en mi vida de 180°

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