May 6, 2016


Disney didn’t teach me to wait for my blue prince. It encoraged me to seek for adventure

September 13, 2014

Mexico After a Year and Half

Some months ago I decided to go to Mexico after an unfortunate event destroyed my plans to travel across the nordic and baltic countries. It was a good opportunity to visit my family and friends and so, on July 13 I went to Mexico.

The flight was boring, the movies to watch were bad and bleh. It's funny, when I left Belgrade, everything was green as you can see in the picture. When I arrived to Mexico, everything was grey!

Bye bye Belgrade!

September 5, 2014

LBC: The Picture That Made You Fall In Love With Lolita

I haven't uploaded my blog in a long time because... well, I'm quite lazy. Anyway, today I will post the picture that made me fall in love with lolita. I saw other pictures before but this one was the one that made me decide to start with the fashion.

From the Gothic & Lolita Bible Volume 6. I saw it around march of 2006 and I liked it so much that my first JSK was horribly based on this one.

You can see my disaster here.

At that moment I wanted to be gothic and wasn't interested in the other styles. I loved the simplicity of the dress and the contrast of black x white, which is something I don't particulary like nowadays. I also was madly in love with headresses, and the one in the picture looked just perfect.

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June 27, 2014

LBC: Hot Weather Lolita Coordinates

After weeks and weeks I can finally come with anbother entry for Lolita Blog Carnival, yaaay. 
Summer is here and so is sun, hot and basically all those things that I don't like. It's the hardest time of the year to wear lolita and at least for now the temperature hasn't raised to 40°C, it's something. Actually weather has been crazy, it's sunny and hot and ten minutes later it's raining just to be sunny again in 15 minutes. That's good for me, helps to keep everything fresh. Anyway, to the coord:

Super fail with my open bag and my petti showing XD And the guy who took the photo didn't tell me asdfg

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand

Even though it's black, this JSK is very light and perfect for hot days. I wanted to braid my hair but, that's what you get when you dress up in 15 minutes... I should pay more attention to the clock.

And another coordinate that I used a couple of weeks ago:

JSK: Handmade
Bag: Vintage
Everything else: Off brand

And a picture with my roommate.

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June 16, 2014

Frienzone? Yeah right

In the light of my recent rejection I deided to write a little bit about the friendzone and how people friendzone themselves and it's quite a douchey thing to do.

Let's put it like this. You go to one store to buy strawberries, but they only sell apples. What do you do?

a) Whine with other costumers about how the store is a bitch because it only offers apples and it should be selling strawberries just because you wanted them and need to be pleased.
b) You simply get out of the store to look for strawberries in another store.
c) You buy appples and decide to enjoy them and then go somewhere else to get strawberries.

I don't know, but for me the only good options for everyone are b and c. If someone can only offer you their friendship you can decide wheter to take it and look for love somewhere else or just stop talking (lying) to that person because you are not interested in their friendship but something else. Personally I prefer to keep the friendship, but that also depends of the other.

I don't think people friendzone someone, they are just offering something we don't want and if we decide to stay eventhough we don't like what they have to offer then we are friendzoning ourselves or as I call it, being idiots. If you want more than friendship tell the person, don't be a douche and fake a friendship that will only hurt you and make you feel resentment againts someone who did nothing wrong.  

June 2, 2014

Montenegro - Kotor & Podgorica

I wrote this entry 3 weeks ago and forgot to post it! Anyway, now I'm totally fine, my heart even got a little bit hurt again by someone else, but just a tiny bit hahaha Sooo, I went to Montenegro on April 29 for 3 days.

First I want to write a little bit of context. The last two months were kind of hard since everything ended with Jarno. I was starting to feel better, but inside me I knew that if he came telling me that he loved me, I'd leave everything for him. Well, a couple of weeks ago something happened, I'm not going to say what, but the sadness became anger and it wasn't until I started to hate him that I actually started to heal. When I decided that even if he came back I was going to say no, I started to truly forget and decided that it was time to stop spending my entire life watching series and movies.

The last thing he told me was: “Hang in there, better days will come.” But then I realized he was completely wrong. Better days don't come, I make them, and they are happening now! I mean, I'm in Serbia with so many possibilities in front of me. I decided to start living again and do that thing which gives meaning to my life, to travel. I made an important decision in my life, but this is not the time to talk about that. I have so many awesome plans for this year and I'm sure it'll be awesome.

So, with this change and taking advantage of the free day I had in faculty, I decided to go to Montenegro. My plan was to spend two days in Kotor and one in Podgorica. I took my last dinars to buy the train ticket and I found 50 euros that I had left from my trip to Italy.

March 21, 2014

LBC: A Casual Coordinate for a Quiet Day

Another topic form the Lolita Blog Carnival, I skipped many of them because... I'm lazy, and I didn't feel like making them, but now let's put some loli in my blog. This week is about a casual coordinate, and I came with the perfect outfit last week.

Sadly I forgot my camera that day and I couldn't get any picture outside in the city, but meeh, I only have a "decent" one. That day I just went to classes and came back to the dorm to watch Fringe all day. It was a nice quiet day 8D

JSK: Orsay
Blouse and flower: H&M
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: Serbian designer
Shoes and tights: Offbrand

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March 19, 2014

What my long distance relationship taught me

Every experience in life teaches you something, and relationships are not the exception. The first of them taught me that it's stupid to cry over months for someone that just won't come back and how it's better to accept that it's over and move on. The second one taught me what psychological abuse is and how I should never ever let a man treat me. The third one, never, under any circumstance go back with your ex (But I see myself doing this stupid thing again). And now this one, the nicest relationship I've had so far.

It taught me:

March 6, 2014

Venezia, Verona e la Pizza

Since my heart is broken I was thinking in ways to feel better. One of them was having a one night stand but then I decided that it was a stupid idea and choosed something better instead soooo, I spent one weekend in Italy! Sure, it sounds better than it was, before reading the story let's just say it was a weekend to remember.

For such a short trip it was full of mistakes. First of all it was with a tour company, which means. They choose the hotel, activities, times, transport, etc... I have always despised traveling like that because you have no freedon to do whatever you want. The second mistake was the time, the weather hasn't been good. And yeah, those 2, but it's more than enough with the tour company.

February 28, 2014


And I’ve been back in Serbia since about one week ago. It’ been a weird week, and it was a weirder month. I went to Finland at the end of January. I didn’t write about it but he went to Serbia in December. It was a bittersweet visit full of drama but also lovely moments; I’d like to think that more lovely moments than bad ones. Anyway, on January 22 I took the train to Budapest and on 23 for the first time I didn’t have problems with my flight ticket and I could go to Finland without any problem.

I spent almost the whole month indoors, It was cold, expensive, I didn’t know anyone, he had to work a lot and I had to study for my exams so, I went out 3 times during February. One to Hellocon, another to a bar and the last one to Heureka museum (It’s something like Papalote museo del niño in Mexico).

February 11, 2014

Helsinki Lolita Convention

On February first I went to the Helsinki Lolita Convention. Since I knew it was going to be held at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to get vacations on that time. At the end I had some troubles but I made it ^^ It was hard to get my coord in my little backpack and when I took out everything my blouse was a disaster, and he doesn’t have an iron x_x but I think I didn’t look that bad. I had a lot of fun and met some interesting people 8D

Just a little disclaimer, my camera suuuucks really bad and I had to steal some form tumblr and google x_x if someone sees her pictures here and wants me to remove them, that’s ok with me. I saved the pictures time ago and cannot remember the owners, sorry about that.

February 7, 2014

LBC: Lolita Designer I'd Like to Meet

Well, another week and another theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival. This week is about the Lolita designer we want to meet.

First of all, the only Japanese designer I could have chosen is Yumi Fujihara, the owner and designer of Innocent World, but I already “did” and even thought I didn’t talk to her because she was busy and the language is a barrier, I could see an interview and listen to her views about Lolita.

But there are two indie designers that I’d really like to meet because their clothes are awesome and they are super skilled <3 They are…

January 31, 2014

1 Piece, 4 Seasons

I recently joined Lolita Blog Carnival, a fb group for lolita bloggers (No way Sherlock!), and in their own words: “What we do here is simple: We decide on a topic, set a date, and then we all make a blog post about that topic on that date.” Pretty simple and fun, isn’t it? I’m quite happy to join it because I never know what to post on my blog and I want to make it more Lolita related.

This week’s topic is “1 piece, 4 seasons.” I will cheat on this one for two reasons:
  1. 1. I don’t want to use Polyvore with pieces I just find around there, for me it’s more fun if I use my own wardrobe and I’m actually wearing the outfits… which leads me to the second reason.
  2. 2.   Right now I’m outside Serbia (Finland yay!) so, I’m far from my Lolita wardrobe.

What I’m going to do is to post pictures with outfits I used during those seasons ;3 There is only one piece of which I have pictures of all seasons (Good, I can include a story as well), it is this Bodyline skirt:

January 28, 2014

My Most Precious Lolita Item

Another activity from the fb group Rosas de Azúcar. This time it consists in posting our most precious Lolita item.

Otra actividad del grupo en fb de Rosas de Azúcar. Esta vez se trata de postear nuestro ítem lolita más preciado.

Which is your most precious accessory or garment? This IW JSK
¿Cuál es tu accesorio o prenda lolita más valioso? Este JSK de IW

 photo SDC16125_zps6a73f528.jpg

Is it because it’s expensive, a gift from someone special or hard to get? It’s because it was my first brand item, my first non ita JSK and my first IW thing, it has been with me for years! Thanks to this JSK I started to love IW <3

¿Lo es por caro, un regalo de alguien especial o fue difícil de conseguir? Es porque fue mi primer prenda de marca, mi primer JSK no ita y mi primera cosa de IW, ha estado conmigo por años! Gracias a este JSK comencé a amar IW <3

 photo DSC00363.jpg
One of the first times I wore this JSK, I was so young!
Una de las primeras veces que usé este JSK, era tan joven!

Does it have a story? Well, it was hard to get it since I didn’t have paypal at that time, and Candy, a Spanish Lolita was nice with me and accepted money through western union. It was quite a problematic transaction, and I’m grateful that Candy had a lot of patience, and at the end I got it <3 I stopped wearing it because it torn in the chest and I didn’t want to touch it because I could make it worse. I was able to fix it in 2012, but I gained a lot of weight and couldn’t wear it anyway. Finally last year I lost all that weight and I’m ready to use it in spring ^^

¿Tiene historia? Bueno, fue difícil de obtener porque en ese entonces no tenía paypal, y Candy, una lolita española fue buena onda y acepto que le pagara por western unión. Fue una transacción algo problemática, y agradezco que Candy fuera tan paciente, y al final lo obtuve <3 Dejé de usarlo porque se rasgo un poco en el pecho y no quería tocarlo por miedo a empeorarlo. Fui capaz de arreglarlo en el 2012, pero engordé mucho y no lo pude usar. Por fin este ultimo año perdí todo el peso ganado y estoy lista para usarlo de nuevo esta primavera ^^

 photo SDC11061.jpg
Picture of the last time I was able to wear it in 2011.
Foto de la ultima vez que puse usarlo en el 2011.

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November 9, 2013

Personal challenge - 100% off brand lolita

I decided to set as a small goal to make the most loliable outfit I could out of off brand. The only thing I used that was specifically for Lolita was the petticoat, the rest is stuff I got in normal stores.

Decidí fijarme una pequeña meta que consiste en hacer un outfit lolita con puro off brand. La unica prenda que usé que fuera especificamente lolita fue el petticoat, el resto son cosas que encontré en tiendas normales.

JSK: Orsay
Blouse (Blusa): Vintage
Flower & Bag (Flor y bolso): H&M
Necklace (collar): Serbian designer
Shoes & Tights (zapatos y medias): Random store

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