February 11, 2014

Helsinki Lolita Convention

On February first I went to the Helsinki Lolita Convention. Since I knew it was going to be held at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to get vacations on that time. At the end I had some troubles but I made it ^^ It was hard to get my coord in my little backpack and when I took out everything my blouse was a disaster, and he doesn’t have an iron x_x but I think I didn’t look that bad. I had a lot of fun and met some interesting people 8D

Just a little disclaimer, my camera suuuucks really bad and I had to steal some form tumblr and google x_x if someone sees her pictures here and wants me to remove them, that’s ok with me. I saved the pictures time ago and cannot remember the owners, sorry about that.

Snow decided to fall that weekend and I didn’t have boots nor tick tights so, I suffered a little bit, I had to stop a couple of times to take out the snow form my shoes, but at least I didn’t lose any toe! When I arrived to the railway station in Helsinki I saw two lolitas waling and decided to get over my shyness and talk to them, since I didn’t have a map and wasn’t sure where the place was. They were quite nice and let me go with them, but we got lost too haha (They came from Turku so, they didn’t know that well the place either) but it’s not that bad when there is someone else with you. We were able to get there on time and I was freeeezing, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore.

We finally entered to the place and I took the first picture… terrible quality, but at least you can see my outfit =P

JSK and blouse: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Everything else: Off brand

In the middle of the open ceremony I realized that I had to take my stuff to the flea market so, I went there, and stayed… and got poor, I found some nice things to buy. Second hand without shipping costs, yay.

When I returned to the main hall there was the Midori Fukasawa Q&A, I only heard the last part ;o; but she is so adorable <3

Then I was just looking all the stands, there were a lot of sweet accessories. Other stands had lovely cloth, and I almost died when I got to a stand with JetJ cloth. It’s so beautiful and well made, those materials *^* But, no money hahaha

Then the Brand vs. Off-brand show started. They showed a themed outfit made with brand ad other with off brand or indie and we had to vote for the best. At the end off brand won ^^

The designers fashion show started and it was lovely. There were many indie bands participating.

Then the Yuko Ashizawa Q&A started, she talked about her career as a designer and explained her designs.

I decided to join the Jewelry Workshop and it was fun. We didn’t have that much time so, I decided to concentrate in rings first, since they are easy and fast. Then I made 2 brooches for my dresses and that was it, time over! It went super fast.

There is one pink ring missing >_> it should be somewhere in this appartment.

I was just in time for the Designer Panel Discussion, it wasn’t exactly as I expected and I got confused a little bit because they were talking in finnish and I didn’t know if the other person was translating or not x_x

At the end there was a Dancing Dolls presentation where some girls danced ballet and pole dance (?), it was entertaining, and I met a girl and her boyfriend who came from Oulu (North of Finland). It was nice to have someone to talk to during the event ^^

If someone wants to see the performance, here is the youtube video ;D

After it was over I went to the flea market and yay, my headbows, socks and JSK sold, but not a skirt and cardigan :c I think I’ll modify that cardigan and I’ll use the fabric of the skirt for accessories =P Then the event was over, I was dead! I went for my coat and saw a girl whose blog I love, I just said hi, and then… super awkward moment. I just escaped hahaha

The return was a little bit hard. I didn’t pay the train, I was thinking about paying inside but the seller never appeared :c since I didn’t have a ticket I decided to walk from the train station to the apartment. Since they cleaned the snow it was much easier to walk and was nice to feel the cold in my face.

A picture of what I got there. I'm uploading everything in my poupee ^^

It was a great event, I really liked it and I’m hoping to come next year <3 Finally I'll leave a little video I found in youtube with some moments at Hellocon.


  1. Que buenas compras! Lo del taller de joyeria estuvo bieeeeen cool! <3 gracias por compartir! <3

    1. Hahaha si, ahora a sufrir por la pobreza XD la verdad si estuvo padre, aunque me imaginaba algo más elaborado, como que te explicaran cosas, nomás nos dieorn los materiales y ya si teníamos una duda preguntabamos, pero como yo no se nada, no sabía ni que preguntar XD

  2. Annnda noooo XD Te atreviste a hablarle y luego hubo un "awwwkwaaard". no importa! al menos le dijiste que seguías su blog y te gustaba, seguro que algo bonito debió de haber sentido.
    Qué valiente eres al aguantar la nieve con esos zapatos ^^u y tu lote se ve todo apetitoso~ Ya quiero ver cómo lo coordinas.


    1. Siiii, después de eso mi, lo que sea que él sea, me dijo que no le sorprendía porque así era la gente de Helsinki o.o

      Esque soy como Elsa "Cold never bothered me anyway" haha si, ya quiero estar en Belgrado para hacer coords <3


  3. Que suerte haber podido asistir a esta convención y que hermoso performance! Muchas gracias por compartirlo!

  4. Dios, qué maravilla de convención *^*
    Las cosas que compraste son preciosas y todas las fotos y los vídeos son un gran testimonio de que realmente fue alucinante >_<
    Ojalá pueda asistir a una convención así alguna vez ^^

  5. No sabia que te habías ido para Finlandia!!! lo que daría por ir a ese país! *---*

    Hacia mucho que no pasaba por tu blog... bah en realidad tenia demasiado abandonado el blog a duras penas lo actualizaba y ni llegaba a visitar los blogs que me gustan :(, pero haberme pasado por aqui y encontrarme con esta entrada es maravilloso!

    que curioso lo del del pool dance, solo vi una parte del video y se ve bien jajajaja es delicado y no es como lo que tenia entendido como pool dance, jajaja es genial XD

    Me encanto tu coord y te ves tan bien junto a Toni!, hable un par de veces con él y es un chico super agradable :3

    Saludotes Nyu! ♥


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