February 28, 2014


And I’ve been back in Serbia since about one week ago. It’ been a weird week, and it was a weirder month. I went to Finland at the end of January. I didn’t write about it but he went to Serbia in December. It was a bittersweet visit full of drama but also lovely moments; I’d like to think that more lovely moments than bad ones. Anyway, on January 22 I took the train to Budapest and on 23 for the first time I didn’t have problems with my flight ticket and I could go to Finland without any problem.

I spent almost the whole month indoors, It was cold, expensive, I didn’t know anyone, he had to work a lot and I had to study for my exams so, I went out 3 times during February. One to Hellocon, another to a bar and the last one to Heureka museum (It’s something like Papalote museo del niño in Mexico).

It was a lovely visit, with lots of good moments. We didn’t watch as many movies as other times because there were the Winter Olympics, but I learned about new sports that I had no idea they existed. I ate so much good food, and watched the 3 seasons of American Horror Story hahaha.

And well, after this comic of Scandinavia and the World, I really wanted to try Mämmi XD and I finally did it.

The flavor reminded me of tamarindo XD

Anyway, one of those days two of his friends, his sister and a friend of her came over to watch a hockey game. We played a board game that they had to translate all the time for me =P and when his friends got a little bit drunk they started to talk with me (If not, they don’t speak English hahaha) and his sister speaks Spanish so, that makes everything easier. Then we went to a couple of bars in Helsinki and the way back home was the best. These guys were talking some words in Spanish but they were drunk so, it was super funny. I was laughing so much that I cried, and I didn’t even drink!

With the drunky friend =P
Having fun in the train 8B There is a little video of my crying XD

When they left, OMFG D8 It was hell on earth XD

The last day we went to Heureka, they had an exhibition called “Landing on Mars” or something like that, and “Heureka goes mad (or crazy?)”. It was cute, so bad it was full of kids x_x but I still had fun, yeah, I’m a young adult that enjoys with activities designed for kids =P

Going at night to his workplace to print my ticket back :c

And here it is

This coat doesn't look good without a petti D8

Ducks, looots of ducks <3

Perpetual motion machine... something like that XD

You were able to make your own coin

I think it's a cute souvenir <3

Lifting a car!

When we were back we didn’t have much time before my flight. Saying bye was so hard, harder than ever before, because some days before we decided to break up. I wanted to hold him for the rest of the eternity, I didn’t want to leave because I knew that I would never see him again with the same eyes. Even if I knew that we were not meant to be, I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, I loved him as I have never loved anyone before, but it’s over and that’s it. One week has passed since I came back and I haven’t felt anything since then, I don’t feel sad, I haven’t cried, I think of him and… nothing. My friend says I’m still in shock, I’m afraid of the day I realize what has happened.

But life goes on and I haven’t even decided if I’ll stay here or not. I love Serbia but there are many questions in my head right now.


  1. El amigo borracho era el típico finlandes gigante XD, pero seguro que pásate un día genial.

    Siento mucho que la cosa acabase así, la distancia a veces complica las relaciones, pero, el futuro es incierto y si están destinados tal vez vuelvan a encontrarse ^^

    1. Hahaha la verdad que si XD y no creas, Jarno me trató como basura porque no sabía como reaccionar con sus amigos, fue hasta que bebió que se relajó y ya me trató como persona :c

      Son tantas cosas, lastima que no creo en el destino, como soy la parte que ama, que mas me gustaría que creer en eso, pero se que nunca pasa, así que me resignaré y buscaré un sueco XD

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha noooo, me la viviría peleando con la gente por el acento XD pero si voy un ratito 8B


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