March 6, 2014

Venezia, Verona e la Pizza

Since my heart is broken I was thinking in ways to feel better. One of them was having a one night stand but then I decided that it was a stupid idea and choosed something better instead soooo, I spent one weekend in Italy! Sure, it sounds better than it was, before reading the story let's just say it was a weekend to remember.

For such a short trip it was full of mistakes. First of all it was with a tour company, which means. They choose the hotel, activities, times, transport, etc... I have always despised traveling like that because you have no freedon to do whatever you want. The second mistake was the time, the weather hasn't been good. And yeah, those 2, but it's more than enough with the tour company.

We took the bus on friday at 6p.m and arrived around 10a.m. It was a horrible way, I hate to travel by bus because the seats are quite small, and the person that was sitting beside me was super inconsiderate, in order to be comfortable he would fuck me up.

And I was even asked why I was so grumpy, as if having to be there for more than 15 hours and with a fucking leg all over me wasn't enough.

We arrived and we had to take a boat to Venice, the boat was delayed so, we went to a souvenir store and took some pictures until it started to rain. We had to wait more than an hour (or 2) in the rain! When we finally made it to the boat, it was full of people, sooooo uncomfortable.


We arrived to Venice, I was feeling bad, it was raining and we started to walk. I saw many interesting things but I couldn't even take pictures because we were walking super fast and it wasn't a good idea to get lost. Did I say how much I hate these kind of trips?

La Basilica della Salute

I wanted to buy a mask, but the ones I liked were super expensive :c

When we had some free time we went to a restaurant and I had to eat real pizza! It was really nice, but not as awesome as I thought XD

Then we just walked randomly around when it started to rain really bad, and I mean baaaaad. Lots of water and wind, we had to run to one small passage to avoid a little bit the rain. We stayed under a restaurant for an hour before we had to take that damn boat back. Once we arrived we took the bus to the hotel, which was one hour away in the middle of fucking nowhere.

The room was nice and I could sleep well. The breackfast was ok too. At 10a.m we were leaving the hotel and fir we went to this mall. I was happy because I neeed to buy a jacket, since mine was completely wet. But surprise surprise, it was a designer outlet, everything was over 250e, and the things that were cheaper were ulgy, I couldn't buy anything, but a really nice serbian girl lent me her red jacket.

Because of the weather the gondolas weren't working so, at least I had to try a fake one hahaha

By the time we went back to the bus my jacket was dry and prepared to be used in...

Two households, both alike in dignity,
In fair Verona, where we lay our scene.

I was dead, but at least the weather wasn't that bad. We walked around and as the day before, I wanted to do many stuff but no time and no freedom.

Arena di Verona

I'll never be a professional photographer

With Dante Alighieri

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet.

After it we went to Vicenza, but they only gave us 40 minutes to visit it, what can you do in 40 minutes? I only got an ice cream, went to the store to buy chips and went to the bathroom. I didn't see much and it was already time to go back.

To be able to use the bathroom I had to buy a coffe for 1 euro =P

So, was this trip a complet loss? No! I was able to see how beautiful Italy is (really, it's amazing!) and I hope I can go back in summer (not this year) to stay longer, visit more cities and go on my own terms. Aaaand that not even a broken heart is as bad as that Saturday =_=


  1. Joooo, yo picho las chelas y hablamos de amores.
    *pat pat*
    Qué mala suerte te tocó ^^u yo quedé extasiada cuando vi Venecia, con la cabeza alzada viendo todo, sonrojada y feliz como si me tomaran la mano.
    Verona se ve taaaan genial. Totalmente tengo que ir. Y tú también!
    Es como ese cómic de caballo negro en donde el Caballo Negro le dispara al Caballo Blanco después de haberle arrancado su larga y hermosa cabellera.
    "Bueno, pero ya no te importa tanto el cabello ¿no?"
    Pásatela mejor! O mucho peor para que luego en comparación no te sientas tan mal? ^^u

    1. Hahaha hablaré de amores hasta que ya no pueda por la borrachera, me gusta me gusta.

      Lo se, es una ciudad preciosa! no puedo esperar a verla en todo su esplendor en verano... de 2016 tal vez XD si un dia vuelves a Europa, llamame, yo jalo para todos lados XD

      Hahaha si, y pues a ver como me la paso, toca sufrir de nuevo con las clases =P

  2. Ese carnaval es un sueño <3!!
    Vi tu carita en el mook de innocent world en la tea party en viena!!
    me hizo tanta ilusión. que aventuras andas viviendo por allá ~


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