March 21, 2014

LBC: A Casual Coordinate for a Quiet Day

Another topic form the Lolita Blog Carnival, I skipped many of them because... I'm lazy, and I didn't feel like making them, but now let's put some loli in my blog. This week is about a casual coordinate, and I came with the perfect outfit last week.

Sadly I forgot my camera that day and I couldn't get any picture outside in the city, but meeh, I only have a "decent" one. That day I just went to classes and came back to the dorm to watch Fringe all day. It was a nice quiet day 8D

JSK: Orsay
Blouse and flower: H&M
Bag: Vintage
Necklace: Serbian designer
Shoes and tights: Offbrand

Other girls that participated in this theme:

Northern Star
Beyond Kawaii
Elegant Poupée
Whimsical Adventures of Me


  1. Wow, that vintage bag is really striking. You look really cute. ^.^

  2. El JSK es una maravilla *O*


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