March 19, 2014

What my long distance relationship taught me

Every experience in life teaches you something, and relationships are not the exception. The first of them taught me that it's stupid to cry over months for someone that just won't come back and how it's better to accept that it's over and move on. The second one taught me what psychological abuse is and how I should never ever let a man treat me. The third one, never, under any circumstance go back with your ex (But I see myself doing this stupid thing again). And now this one, the nicest relationship I've had so far.

It taught me:

That you don't need to have someone in the same physic space to know them, chatting with them everyday during hours is more than enough.

That distance means nothing.

How to blindly trust in another person, no questions asked, no anxiety and not “what if...?”

That I can be loyal, as loyal as I never thought I could be.

That even if we are from different parts of the world, we are not as different as many might think.

That a few hundred of euros, a night in a train and some hours in a plane are nothing compared to see his smile and feel his arms around me.

That the worst phrase you can hear is “You have to pack, you have to go soon.”

That the worst phrase you can say is “I have to pack, I have to go soon.”

That even though farewells are so painful, they make up for the sweetest reunions.

That the airport can be such a happy and sad place.

That I can fall in love of someone that I have never seen.

That I can fall in love... again.

That love exists.

How to say “I love you” and deal with silence as an answer.

That not being loved in return is nobody's fault, not his and definitely not mine.

That a person can be perfect for you, but it doens't mean that you'll be perfect for that person.

That it's possible to break up without hating the other person.

And I don't know if I should take it as a lesson (I guess not), but I still feel that I'm a person who cannot be loved. That's the same problem that repeats in every relationship... oh well, c'est la vie.

And now, quoting this song from frozen, because the cruel destiny made me identify more with the finnish lyrics

Ei palaa entinen, se kaikki taakse jää
Taakse jää, taakse jää
Enää tyydy en vähempään
Taakse jää, taakse jää
Jääköön taa, uutta voimaa saan


  1. Yo creo que eres amada de muchas maneras, y un dia recibiras esa clase de amor que puedes dar a tu pareja... Te mando un abrazote :)

    1. Si pues, pero es que tengo ganas de saber que te amen como pareja, que se lo que se siente amar pero no lo contrario, tal vez un día, tal vez no. Abrazo <3

  2. Es muy triste y doloroso terminar una relación y más cuando sigues amando a esa persona </3 pero creo que al final lo que importa es lo que tienes tu, para ti y por ti nada más :3

    1. Y vaya que lo es, pero si, no todo es perdida :3

  3. T.T Es difícil decir algo en momentos así, pero yo creo que la persona perfecta existe al igual que el momento adecuado. Yo estube con mi chico unos meses lo dejamos y al final volvimos arrejuntarnos un par de años más tarde hasta la fecha. Supongo que la primera vez no fue el momento y lo único que hicimos fue hacernos daño. No sé que digo .... U_U

    1. Te juro que a ti te ha pasado mi fantasia recurrente, el reencuentro que hace que esten juntos para siempre, o al menos un laaaargo rato, pero sinceramente creo que al final me va a terminar por dar igual, o sea, lo olvidaré, conoceré a más y quedará como un lindo recuerdo, que al menos me merezco eso, un lindo recuerdo de una relación, que de las pasadas tengo puras pesadillas XD

  4. "That a person can be perfect for you, but it doens't mean that you'll be perfect for that person."

    Eso me llegó bastante y creo que tienes mucha razón. Como dices y es cierto, te mereces muchas cosas. Tampoco tengo palabras para momentos así, pero me da gusto que tenga planes y mires hacia lo que viene. Mucho éxito <3


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