February 28, 2014


And I’ve been back in Serbia since about one week ago. It’ been a weird week, and it was a weirder month. I went to Finland at the end of January. I didn’t write about it but he went to Serbia in December. It was a bittersweet visit full of drama but also lovely moments; I’d like to think that more lovely moments than bad ones. Anyway, on January 22 I took the train to Budapest and on 23 for the first time I didn’t have problems with my flight ticket and I could go to Finland without any problem.

I spent almost the whole month indoors, It was cold, expensive, I didn’t know anyone, he had to work a lot and I had to study for my exams so, I went out 3 times during February. One to Hellocon, another to a bar and the last one to Heureka museum (It’s something like Papalote museo del niño in Mexico).

February 11, 2014

Helsinki Lolita Convention

On February first I went to the Helsinki Lolita Convention. Since I knew it was going to be held at the beginning of the year, I was hoping to get vacations on that time. At the end I had some troubles but I made it ^^ It was hard to get my coord in my little backpack and when I took out everything my blouse was a disaster, and he doesn’t have an iron x_x but I think I didn’t look that bad. I had a lot of fun and met some interesting people 8D

Just a little disclaimer, my camera suuuucks really bad and I had to steal some form tumblr and google x_x if someone sees her pictures here and wants me to remove them, that’s ok with me. I saved the pictures time ago and cannot remember the owners, sorry about that.

February 7, 2014

LBC: Lolita Designer I'd Like to Meet

Well, another week and another theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival. This week is about the Lolita designer we want to meet.

First of all, the only Japanese designer I could have chosen is Yumi Fujihara, the owner and designer of Innocent World, but I already “did” and even thought I didn’t talk to her because she was busy and the language is a barrier, I could see an interview and listen to her views about Lolita.

But there are two indie designers that I’d really like to meet because their clothes are awesome and they are super skilled <3 They are…
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