June 27, 2014

LBC: Hot Weather Lolita Coordinates

After weeks and weeks I can finally come with anbother entry for Lolita Blog Carnival, yaaay. 
Summer is here and so is sun, hot and basically all those things that I don't like. It's the hardest time of the year to wear lolita and at least for now the temperature hasn't raised to 40°C, it's something. Actually weather has been crazy, it's sunny and hot and ten minutes later it's raining just to be sunny again in 15 minutes. That's good for me, helps to keep everything fresh. Anyway, to the coord:

Super fail with my open bag and my petti showing XD And the guy who took the photo didn't tell me asdfg

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Handmade
Everything else: Offbrand

Even though it's black, this JSK is very light and perfect for hot days. I wanted to braid my hair but, that's what you get when you dress up in 15 minutes... I should pay more attention to the clock.

And another coordinate that I used a couple of weeks ago:

JSK: Handmade
Bag: Vintage
Everything else: Off brand

And a picture with my roommate.

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June 16, 2014

Frienzone? Yeah right

In the light of my recent rejection I deided to write a little bit about the friendzone and how people friendzone themselves and it's quite a douchey thing to do.

Let's put it like this. You go to one store to buy strawberries, but they only sell apples. What do you do?

a) Whine with other costumers about how the store is a bitch because it only offers apples and it should be selling strawberries just because you wanted them and need to be pleased.
b) You simply get out of the store to look for strawberries in another store.
c) You buy appples and decide to enjoy them and then go somewhere else to get strawberries.

I don't know, but for me the only good options for everyone are b and c. If someone can only offer you their friendship you can decide wheter to take it and look for love somewhere else or just stop talking (lying) to that person because you are not interested in their friendship but something else. Personally I prefer to keep the friendship, but that also depends of the other.

I don't think people friendzone someone, they are just offering something we don't want and if we decide to stay eventhough we don't like what they have to offer then we are friendzoning ourselves or as I call it, being idiots. If you want more than friendship tell the person, don't be a douche and fake a friendship that will only hurt you and make you feel resentment againts someone who did nothing wrong.  

June 2, 2014

Montenegro - Kotor & Podgorica

I wrote this entry 3 weeks ago and forgot to post it! Anyway, now I'm totally fine, my heart even got a little bit hurt again by someone else, but just a tiny bit hahaha Sooo, I went to Montenegro on April 29 for 3 days.

First I want to write a little bit of context. The last two months were kind of hard since everything ended with Jarno. I was starting to feel better, but inside me I knew that if he came telling me that he loved me, I'd leave everything for him. Well, a couple of weeks ago something happened, I'm not going to say what, but the sadness became anger and it wasn't until I started to hate him that I actually started to heal. When I decided that even if he came back I was going to say no, I started to truly forget and decided that it was time to stop spending my entire life watching series and movies.

The last thing he told me was: “Hang in there, better days will come.” But then I realized he was completely wrong. Better days don't come, I make them, and they are happening now! I mean, I'm in Serbia with so many possibilities in front of me. I decided to start living again and do that thing which gives meaning to my life, to travel. I made an important decision in my life, but this is not the time to talk about that. I have so many awesome plans for this year and I'm sure it'll be awesome.

So, with this change and taking advantage of the free day I had in faculty, I decided to go to Montenegro. My plan was to spend two days in Kotor and one in Podgorica. I took my last dinars to buy the train ticket and I found 50 euros that I had left from my trip to Italy.

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