June 2, 2014

Montenegro - Kotor & Podgorica

I wrote this entry 3 weeks ago and forgot to post it! Anyway, now I'm totally fine, my heart even got a little bit hurt again by someone else, but just a tiny bit hahaha Sooo, I went to Montenegro on April 29 for 3 days.

First I want to write a little bit of context. The last two months were kind of hard since everything ended with Jarno. I was starting to feel better, but inside me I knew that if he came telling me that he loved me, I'd leave everything for him. Well, a couple of weeks ago something happened, I'm not going to say what, but the sadness became anger and it wasn't until I started to hate him that I actually started to heal. When I decided that even if he came back I was going to say no, I started to truly forget and decided that it was time to stop spending my entire life watching series and movies.

The last thing he told me was: “Hang in there, better days will come.” But then I realized he was completely wrong. Better days don't come, I make them, and they are happening now! I mean, I'm in Serbia with so many possibilities in front of me. I decided to start living again and do that thing which gives meaning to my life, to travel. I made an important decision in my life, but this is not the time to talk about that. I have so many awesome plans for this year and I'm sure it'll be awesome.

So, with this change and taking advantage of the free day I had in faculty, I decided to go to Montenegro. My plan was to spend two days in Kotor and one in Podgorica. I took my last dinars to buy the train ticket and I found 50 euros that I had left from my trip to Italy.

I arrived at 7:00am and I had to buy my bus ticket to Kotor. In the line with me was a girl who also was sitting in front of me in the train. We started to talk and for some reason we did it in English even though she knows Spanish. Anyway, she helped me to buy the ticket and we talked until it was time to go.

I was kind of dead and slept in the bus. When I woke up I had no idea if I passed Kotor or not so I asked a girl there. She told me that Kotor was still 15 minutes away. When we arrived I asked her where the old town was and she told me to follow her. She took me to my hostel and that was it, I went to make the check in. My room wasn't ready so I spent like an hour talking with the guy in the reception.

Then I just went around the old town. I finished in 10 minutes; it was beautiful but really small. I then decided to go to the fortress using the free way, which wasn't going to cost me 3 euros but lasted forever. I was walking when this guy approached me and we were talking all the way up. I was dying! At the end I could barely walk, my physical condition suuuucks, and he was so fresh and full of energy. On top I asked him his age, he was 68! And in a much much better condition than me, that bitch XD

It was raining when I arrived and everything looked awesome.

Almost all streets are like this, I loooved that *-*

All the way up D8

Ugly selfie to prove that I was there XD

When I went down almost dying... literally, I slipped and just for a few centimeters and a guy that took my arm I didn't fall to the fucking nowhere D8 Anyway, I went to eat sea fish *-* I missed it so much, here they only give me river fish ewww. And the conversation with the waiter was something like this:

Riba marinada (Marinade fish)
Sta? (What?)
Riba marinada.
Sta? o.O
Pfff, ribljia marinada.
Oh! ok.

I mean what the hell, it's not my language but I can understand those differences, he was just asdfgh XD

While I was eating there I heard a girl and a guy talking in Spanish. I was curious because they weren't speaking 100% correctly. When the guy went to the bathroom I asked the girl where she was from. Well, it's funny because she is from Austria, he is from Italy, and they live in Zagreb (Croatia) and talk to each other in Spanish. We were talking for a while but they were tired and went to their hostel. I started to look for mine. I passed in front of a store and I heard somebody saying hi. After 3 times I finally looked back and it was the girl that helped me in the bus. She told me to go the next day for coffee 8D

I finally found the hostel and I spent there the rest of the day. I met some Russian girls who gave me a Russian sweet *-* and the friends of the receptionist were there so we were drinking until 1a.m.

I didn't do anything special the next day. I went to walk along the beach, then to drink coffee with this girl who happens to be from Belgrade but found love in Montenegro. And that's it, a day to relaaaax in that small town. At night I went out with her and we went for pizza *-* when I returned to the hostel there was this guy who works in a souvenir store and I talked with him until midnight... in Serbian! I think this was the first time I was able to talk for so long in Serbian :)

Damnit, not even one good picture of me, but whatever XD

Supposedly the nexy day I'd go early to Podgorica (The capital city), but the only bus I could take departed at 3p.m. I went around the city again, meet with this girl, went to eat something and just enjoyed the environment. At 3 I went to the bus station completely wet because it started to rain really hard =_=

I thought I was going to die on the road. It was raining, the driver was going super fast talking on the phone and we were in the mountains so, a little mistake and we could fall from a cliff. I just thought: well, at least I'll die after the trip and not before, that would have sucked even more. But we survived haha

I arrived to Podgorica at 5 and the train departed at 8. I went to a store to ask how to get to the center and one guy there offered to take me in his car (Beautiful place where you cna do this knowing that they won't kill you). I just went around, it was raining and it wasn't that fun :c I just looked for a place to eat and then started to cry! I don't know why, I guess the city was too depressive.

Albanian embassy over a pizza restaurant, that was funy XD

I finally took the train to Belgrade and I felt happy. On the way I talked with some people in Serbian. They didn't know a word of English, but we managed XD I finally slept and when I woke up there were 3 old guys and we also started to talk. It was quite a funny conversation. One of them was telling me how much he hated gays and Albanians XD Fine, it's not something to laugh about but meeh.

I arrived to Belgrade in the morning and that's the end. It was such a fun trip, I met soooo many people ^o^ (If I write about all of them this entry would be too long) and I want to travel more, more, moooooooooore!!!

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