September 13, 2014

Mexico After a Year and Half

Some months ago I decided to go to Mexico after an unfortunate event destroyed my plans to travel across the nordic and baltic countries. It was a good opportunity to visit my family and friends and so, on July 13 I went to Mexico.

The flight was boring, the movies to watch were bad and bleh. It's funny, when I left Belgrade, everything was green as you can see in the picture. When I arrived to Mexico, everything was grey!

Bye bye Belgrade!

Brought to Mexico by a bastard!

I arrived at 6:15 in Mexico City, after 20 hours I still had to take a bus to Queretaro, my hometown. I arrived almost at midnight and the only thing I wanted to do was to eat and sleep. I spent the next two days there, my mother and brother went to see me and it was lovely, my mother can speak better than before which made me happy. I was eating like a queen, so much awesome mexican food!


We all returned to Guadalajara, it was horrible! We had to take two taxis because we had sooo many stuff that we couldn't fit in one. When I was in Guadalajara it was so odd, nothing changed but I felt it so different. I cannot explain it. And then my old house, my cats were not there anymore, there were 3 new dogs but everything else remained the same.

I went to see my father. It was great to see him again. They took me to my favourite restaurant to eat lots of good meat.

On the next day I called the boyfriend of my best friend in Mexico, because he didn't know I was back. I wanted to surprise him knocking at his door, and so I did. The reaction was as I expected, it was quite fun, and it's on video haha perfect for my year in review.

Vetunn with his forever alone face, Link (de arrimado), me and Beto X3

Muahaha forever alone XD

Then it was time for the lolita meeting with my friends. I don't even remember in wich day the meeting was held, but we had a lot of fun, or at least that's what I want to think. We went to eat to OXXO as tradition dictates and then for hot chocolate and churros.

OMG, Is that a head?


The following days were nothing special. I went out with my family and with my friends Beto and Memo. I was eating like crazy! I gained so much weight, but I don't care.

Eating chips in a proper way, 

So delicious *-*

One of those days Beto and Memo who have their Cave Fotografía project took a photoshoot of me and I simply loved it.

In the middle of my vacations I decided that it was time to get my next tattoo. I had been wanting it for almost 2 years. I suffered for 7 hours but damn, I regret nothing, it's so beautiful. There is also a video of me screaming in pain, also for my year in review haha

Don't let my smile fool you, I was in a lot of pain!

When the easy part was done

A little help to endure the pain

Worth it!
If someone is wondering which song is that, it's Ederlezi

During my last week something strange happened. I met someone and had the shortest relationship ever hahaha basically my week left. It was fun but unexpected.

Getting ready for the first date haha

Also, one of my friends who spent the whole month in his bed due to an operation was finally ok and he painted a small mural, which was a late birthday gift for my mother. I don't think I have a picture, but it's a Spanish dancer.

Roses tea

And then the time to depart arrived. Time went so fast! My friends and I had a last dinner with what I call “fake tacos” or “tortillas” which is meat with a texmex product that tastes really good. That night my friend Sofia gave me the lolita dresses she made for me. They are so beautiful, I had the fabric since 3 years ago and I can finally wear it.

The next day I went to Queretaro. I did nothing but eat and eat. I was even feeling sick but wathever. The day arrived and I took the bus to Mexico City with my brother, who wanted to visit the city the next day. I took my plane and left. The trip was so nice this time, I slept for 9 hours. In Paris I met a mexican woman who was traveling to Belgrade for an art project and we were talking during hours. Finally I was in Belgrade, I felt so happy. I arrived at 1 a.m and went directly to sleep.

This trip to Mexico was super nice, I had a lot of fun and good food. But, buuuuut, it made me realize how Mexico is no longer my place. Sure, I have my family and a some friends left, but everything has changed, I felt like a tourist all the time. Most of the people I wanted to hang out with don't even care anymore. Serbia is not my place either, but it makes me happy to go out and since I'm back I've met awesome people. I just want to stay here a little longer before I move to my next place. And Mexico, well, it's a nice place to go once in a while.


  1. Yo quiero poder decir ;_; que regreso a mexico depsues de cierto tiempo; ni siquiera viviendo aquí se siente como que uno pertenece.

    No puedo creer que hicieras todo el tatuaje en una sesión! 7 horas, damn womann xD!!

    1. Conozco ese sentimiento, tienes planeado irte a algún lado después de terminar la carrera?

      Ya se! pero no tenía otra opción XD Y cuando estaban haciendo el sombreado el novio de una amiga dice: ah mira, es como una brochita, no debe de doler tanto. Y el tatuador responde: pues si, una brochita de 9 agujas. Hahaha

  2. Tu tatuaje está con madre! Me encantó :') pero 7 horas? me duele de pensarlo.

    No sabía que eras de Querétaro, pero tu familia vive en Guadalajara? Que bueno es ver a la familia y amigos aunque sea debes en cuando. Amigos que han viajado al extranjero me dicen que lo que más se extraña es la comida.

  3. Yo mis planes graduandome es irme lejos de la ciudad y si puedo aspirar a vivir en otro pais y tener ese sentimiento de irme y regresar y decir he vuelto a casa. Wow tatuaje de 7 horas... agradezco que no me gusten las agujas, pero debo decir que... esta bien hermoso!


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