July 7, 2013

I Love Being a Lolita in Serbia

Today I want to write about the reasons for which I like to be a Lolita in Serbia. I cannot say I dress very often, since I used to have classes everyday during all day, and now that I have more time, I’m traveling (And traveling with Lolita clothes is incredibly uncomfortable) or I do nothing (I’m lazy like that haha), but if I have the chance, I take my frills and go outside.

Take into account that I’m going to compare how I live Lolita here and how I lived it in Guadalajara so, this is only my point of view.

 photo SDC17786_zps60bf9d30.jpg

First of all, the stares. Yes, there will always be people staring no matter the country; the important thing is how those stares are and how often they happen. When I was living in Guadalajara I remember that people stared laughing, while here they just stare because it’s something different, but they just see and go back to their business, they don’t make fuzz about it nor call me with derogative names.

 photo SDC17686_zps39adc4b3.jpg

There have been times when I have received attention, but it comes from old ladies who even stop the car to tell me how “lepa” (Pretty) and “krasna” (Beautiful) I look. It feels nice, I guess everywhere these women, in general, will prefer our clothes.

 photo SDC17682_zps698d7895.jpg

In other words, it’s really nice to go out; none really care about these clothes. But, I have to say that my style is very simple, I don’t really know how they would react with an OTT outfit.

 photo SDC17661_zps363dd66e.jpg

There is no community (As far as I know, I looked for it everywhere in english and serbian). For me it’s something positive, since I’ve been living my Lolita in a more peaceful way since then, I recovered the fun of wearing it and now I don’t wear it only for meetups, but just when I feel like doing it. I was really tired of all the drama concerning the community and this is like a breath of fresh air. None who wants to proclaim herself the queen, no envy between people, no gossips, just fun fun fun!

Yes, I miss my friends, but for me they weren't a community, they were just my friends <3

 photo SDC18693_zpsa87b3ce9.jpg  photo SDC18705_zps72fcb126.jpg

Seasons! In the city where I used to live before it was summer all year round. Here we have the 4 seasons of the year, which means different kinds of coords. I always wanted to wear a Lolita coat and now I can, I have one prepared for next winter. During winter, spring and maybe fall I’ll be able to wear more layers of clothes, which is amazing and I’m happy about it. Summer is a little bit more complicated, but not impossible.

 photo SDC17870_zps363cbd29.jpg  photo SDC17878_zps4b0ff018.jpg

And that’s it. Maybe being a Lolita in Serbia actually sucks, but considering my background (and, that I already have a decent wardrobe) for me it’s really nice and I’m enjoying it a lot. I recovered that love for the fashion.

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  1. <3 Encantadora. La verdad a mi tampoco me gusta el drama! Tambien con mis amigas no las veo como una "comunidad", solo amigas :3.

  2. ayy me encanta!
    es un poco estraño lo que vives, no se como lo tomaria yo, estar sola vestida de lolita me incomoda un poco, pero veo que lo disfrutas mucho, supongo que eso se debe a que lo vives de manera mucho mas relajada allí.
    Por otro lado me encanta eso de que dices que no dramas, quiero vivir eso al menos por un mes!!! D: y por ultimo ame todos tus coords ♥

  3. Guapisima!!!

    Si lo mejor es vestirlo y vivirlo por uno mismo, las comunidades en ocasiones nos cortan demasiado las alas, a la hora de ser nosotros mismos :P

  4. unnnnfff~ asi o mas mamasota tu? ~ uwu de vdd que estas en lo mas a gusto del Lolita. Disfrutar de la verdadera esencia es lo mejor del mundo. Siguelo haciendo! Eres la onda! Y ya sabes, que tambien te extraño. Siempre.


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