July 2, 2013

Jagodina or, where are my strawberries?!

Last Saturday I was planning of going to one city in Serbia, but at the end I changed my destination to Jagodina, a small city 3 hours away from Belgrade. The reason is that I gave this trip as a birthday present to my friend Asni and she wanted to go there, Why? Because she looooves strawberries, which in Serbian are called Jagode, and only because of the name she wanted to go. At the end, well, I didn’t see any strawberry hahaha 

We had to catch the train of 7:50am, it was 7:42 and we were still on the bus! We had to run to the train station and buy the tickets fast! The train was full and we had to go in a different cabinet. I slept all the way, since we had to wake up at 5:30am to be ready. 

When we arrived I was kind of disappointed, since it looked really boring. We walked to the city center and ate pizza, because everything is better with a slice of pizza =P We were walking around for a while and then decided to look for the wax museum.

 photo SDC18824_zps3fedcd45.jpg
 photo SDC18722_zps304b775a.jpg
I must admit that this made me laugh cause it looks like Jesus is dancing =P 

In the way we didn’t even know the direction to walk and took some pictures. When we finished we decided to ask a guy, but it was a very uncomfortable moment since the guy started to ignore my friend and was asking me a lot of questions, to finally invite me to drink some coffee. I don’t really like that kind of attention and he was kind of creepy so, I just told him that maaaaybe after the museum but that I had to take my train back early, and then escaped haha.

 photo SDC18728_zps30c638ff.jpg  photo SDC18729-copia_zpsa7815a76.jpg 
Yes, everything looks nice and Shalala
   photo SDC18729_zps524470de.jpg 
But then you realize that…
   photo SDC18729-copia2_zps0880b225.jpg 
Creepy guy is looking 

 The street to the museum was quite nice, without people and cute houses.

 photo SDC18732_zps75278178.jpg photo SDC18736_zps9e193ebc.jpg 

 We finally arrived and when we got in… it was so small! Haha but we had fun and we recognized some of the persons there.

   photo SDC18740_zps7e98d7bd.jpg 
Oh Mr. Tito, I was wondering if you’d like to go out someday…

   photo SDC18767_zps357a89c4.jpg 
Tesla, ignoring girls as usual 8D

   photo SDC18756_zps940328d3.jpg

Then I saw the Aqua Park, it looked nice and it was empty, and cheap, and I didn’t have my swimsuit ;o; sad sad sad

   photo SDC18771_zpsa1b793e9.jpg 
Crying because I couldn’t go ;o; 

Since it was impossible to go there we just walked into a normal park, where we took some pictures.

 photo SDC18784_zps0f5752ca.jpg photo SDC18798_zps6d76b0ae.jpg  photo SDC18793_zps0f4d3db4.jpg 

 And then we visited the zoo.
 photo SDC18806_zpsd78c6f92.jpg  

Yay!  photo SDC18802_zps61355f48.jpg 
Asni and the dromedary making a duck face XD
   photo SDC18811_zps04001b35.jpg 
Cutest things ever awww, they were sooo adorable! When they put them near their parents the lion started to make a lot of noise and Asni was so scared hahaha it was funny =P 

By the time we finished I was a little bit hungry so, we walked to the center again.
   photo SDC18819_zps6b2798e5.jpg I found this cute little thing on the way and had to pet it for a moment, I simply looove cats, so bad I cannot have them, I felt horrible when I had to leave it there, alone )= 

 On the way we found a restaurant and ordered… pizza! But since it was late we had to take it with us. We arrived in time to take the train back to Belgrade. In the station we meet a girl, she was speaking in English and we replied in Serbian, since we wanted to practice our foreign language haha 

 When we arrived to Belgrade it was raining <3 so bad my boots are broken and my feet were all wet >_>
     photo SDC18832_zps3e8825f9.jpg 

In the bus, trying to survive =P It was a nice trip, I had a lot of fun! But next weekend I’ll travel all alone ^^ 


  1. lol.. I like your blog.. but you reveal all our trip and there is no seceret anymore.. haha :D even you tell about creepy guys and zoom it in.. haha, that the best! [^^]V

  2. OMG this is amazing story I think you should publish it...I really loved <<3 .


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