July 27, 2013

Supposely now I know serbian

This last Wednesday was the “graduation” of the Serbian course on Avala for the project “Svet u Srbiji” (The world in Serbia). We had to sing, dance and some others had to recite some personal redaction. At the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

I woke up early to take a shower and then my friend Suhejl came to my room to do the makeup and the hair. Hel told me what to wear and everything. I can’t believe how good he is at that stuff; I really liked how I looked.

We were in the middle of the last practice when the guest started to arrive so, we had to stop and wait till everyone was on their sit. I had to dance a song called “Moja čokolada” (My chocolate) and I was dying! I’m shy, and I simply cannot go in front of people doing those things, I felt like an idiot. Happily it ended fast.

We continued with the presentation when they put the video of a friend who abandoned the program. It was a really sad video, I looked at the audience and there were a lot of people crying.

At some point there was the turn of this guy from Congo who made a hip-hop song, and he really surprised the audience. It’s a very simple song about the life in Avala. I’ll write the lyric, because even if it’s very simple, I find very creative to write a song in Serbian after 3 months of studying it.

Svakog dana jedemo krompir (Every day we eat potatos)
Svakog dana idemo na Banjicu (Every day we go to Banjica –basically it’s where civilizations starts)
Svakog dana imamo čas (Every day we have classes)
Pola pet, mi smo umorni (4:30 we are tired)

At the end we danced kolo, which is a very simple Serbian dance, it was very very fun, it’s basically the only thing I can dance haha

The event finished when they gave us our diplomas. And then there were a lot of pictures, a cocktail in the restaurant, and a party at night… I didn’t go since I was tiiiired.

    photo Tan2013-7-24_154455495_3_zps5f068a71.jpg

 photo SDC19073_zps39c0679b.jpg 
Just me 8B

 photo SDC19076_zps9a4ea2c8.jpg 
Asni and I waiting for everything to start

   photo SDC19078_zps2e814965.jpg 
With Suhejl ^^

   photo Tan2013-7-24_154511901_4_zpsfacf20cf.jpg 
Dancing, such a nightmare hahaha

   photo Tan2013-7-24_154518198_9_zps8a30af0b.jpg 
Kolo 8D

   photo Tan2013-7-24_154454166_1_zpsc20170bb.jpg 
Going for my diploma

   photo 1016374_216054188547516_408866263_n_zps8883ff1f.jpg 
With Prishila from Albania

   photo SDC19080_zpsa7ee009f.jpg 
With Tanja, the picture is not good, but damn, she is my fashion inspiration, I loved every outfit she wore in classes. Also, she’s one of the sweetest persons I know. So bad I didn’t have many classes with her )=

   photo SDC19083_zps82d9db04.jpg 
Connell!!! In the position we were while dancing Hajde Jano.

   photo SDC19099_zps95eefb96.jpg 
With Wintley from Antigua and Barbuda

   photo SDC19093_zps5cbece98.jpg 
Group picture. In the right Mina, who was our teacher and one of the two teachers organizing the show. She has a really good voice.

   photo SDC19102_zpscfcb2cef.jpg 
Jelena, another teacher =)

   photo SDC19107_zps098151f4.jpg 
Vesna, the boss! I never missed her classes. She really knows how to teach.

   photo SDC19106_zpsb3cb1cf1.jpg 
Nebojša, I love this teacher, he was always making fun of our stupidity hahaha and gave us difficult texts to read.

   photo SDC19109_zps42a14a28.jpg 
And to eat meat and obviously, krompir!

   photo 1003821_10151570959282309_1250126224_n_zps06f06f3f.jpg 
Next day there was a little article about us in the newspaper 8B I would have liked to get it, but meeh, too lazy to go out and buy it lol 

 Now a couple of videos that are in internet =P




  1. el videitoooo xD jajaja si se me hizo verte bailando B-) YES!!!!! <3 Y felicidades uwu <3

  2. Felicidades!!!

    Estabas impresionante *O*

  3. Felicidades nena!!!
    Nunca te había visto asi tan arreglada fuera del lolita, te queda hermoso el vestido!! <3


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