September 25, 2013

Finland Meets Mexico in Serbia

In one of my entries I wrote about a trip I made to Finland, well, now it was his turn to visit me. It all started on August 6, he arrived at midnight and after 3 months, I was so happy, excited and nervous to see him again. When I saw him crossing that door, I couldn’t believe it was real, I just ran to hug him. Sadly when we were in the bus… it broke down ¬¬ sooo, we had to walk home. At least he didn’t get mad or anything, even though he was really tired, I was the one who was mad =P

  photo IMG_2547_zps0912c11d.jpg 

 I cannot really tell anything about what we did, because it was pretty normal. I took him to the touristic places, we walked a lot around the city, and damn, we ate really good food. I think that was the most important part of those 2 weeks, the food. I was like living in a dream; everything was so fun, so nice, and so cute. I had never enjoyed Serbia as I did in those 2 weeks. The days were very hot, at least for me, he was happy with the weather. It was hard to get from one place to another and I had to get water at any possible spot. But it really didn’t matter, I was happy and smiling, and people who know me know that during a hot sunny day I’m usually the most bitter person in this planet. 

 photo IMG_2575_zps60fff5f5.jpg  photo IMG_2609_zps7541e99c.jpg 

For the second day we went to Zemun, which is a district of Belgrade and it’s really beautiful to walk. We also went to the tower from where we had an awesome view of the city. And also the weather was perfect just to sit and drink something cold. 

 photo IMG_2658_zps4e8e1598.jpg  photo SDC19141_zps9c414c6e.jpg  photo IMG_2671_zps6ad1cd1a.jpg  photo IMG_2685_zpsd9a63953.jpg  photo IMG_26822_zpsf084b911.jpg  
 photo IMG_26842_zps62a07a25.jpg

 A little and friendly kitty we found while walking  photo IMG_2649_zps43a97666.jpg 

 At some point of the trip we meet this person, one of his online friends. I just have a picture that represents perfectly well how I felt. I passed out because I drank too fast, something I do when I feel super uncomfortable.

 photo IMG_2775_zpsdcc592a3.jpg 

 Also, this picture is the favorite dish he had in here. Sadly, that day wasn’t that good, neither the next night. I’m not gonna explain, I’ll just say that I’ll be very very happy if I don’t have to see that fucking rude bitch ever again.

 photo IMG_2888_zps8c2226d3.jpg


We made a trip of one day to a little city near Belgrade. There was a fortress and aside from that, not too much to see. But damn, the food was good! It was a nice day.

   photo IMG_2806_zps18dcbfee.jpg  photo IMG_2819_zps8372b502.jpg  photo IMG_2834_zpsac429bff.jpg 

 There was millions of love messages so, he had to write his own =P It says: I hate you <3

 photo IMG_2836_zpsc3b74bdb.jpg

When I first saw this picture I wanted to use it as a joke saying that I was pregnant, but when I saw it in normal size, meeh, it doesn’t look like that so, byebye joke =/  photo SDC19148_zps0bbd0d85.jpg  photo IMG_2844_zps403c87a2.jpg  photo IMG_28542_zps466a3c62.jpg 


The next minitrip was to Zlatibor. Again, not too much to say, we just walked and walked, and my shoes were a mess after that.

  photo IMG_2914_zps7e86acf8.jpg 

 I look sick ._.

   photo IMG_2917_zpsfb5f1dd1.jpg photo IMG_2941_zpse38f5185.jpg 

 And we watched some football, yeah, it’ll always happen with him haha  photo IMG_2979_zps2f1a79b8.jpg  photo SDC19167_zps5022ba3e.jpg  photo SDC19172_zps7bdf0d60.jpg 

 Then we went to the Beer Fest, I don’t really like beer… or places with a lot of people but, why not? Once wouldn’t kill me. It was actually fun, I just had two beers and everything was perfect… until, that fucking bitch again… pfff, she ruined the night, aaand next day. Damn god, if you exist, don’t put her in front of me again.
   photo SDC191812_zps0f2e5b2b.jpg  photo IMG_3043_zps36baa7ad.jpg  photo IMG_30472_zps8ffaab99.jpg 

 And finally it was over; another little trip was waiting for us. It was a nice couple of weeks, yeah, it wasn’t perfect, but that’s what happens when shitty people are around… that’s life. But overall it was really beautiful, many more happy days than bad ones. I don’t really see any reason to write about other days since we didn’t do a much, we watched some movies, cooked, talk, or just walked around.

   photo IMG_3101_zps15b92bc6.jpg 

 After that we went to Croatia and Slovenia, but that’s another entry. I think it’s enough for now.

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  1. Que guapos <3

    Fat cat pub, sin dudarlo yo iría también XDD


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