May 26, 2013

One Weekend, Two Cities

Last weekend Sabriana and I decided to improvise another little trip. This time the destination was Macedonia! We decided to go on Friday morning and in the afternoon we were going out only with our backpacks. Since I have the experience of going by train, and it wasn’t pleasant at all (It’s a very transited train so, usually there’s people sleeping in the aisle, the bathrooms are hell and every passport check out lasts an eternity) we decided to go by bus. 

 When we reached the border at 3a.m it was the same story than in the train 2 years ago. We had to be there for about 2 hours since they were checking everything in the bus, EVERYTHING, even the combustible tank! It was crazy. Luckily Skoplje (the capital) is not far from the border so, we arrived at 5:30a.m. 

 When we got to the city everything was closed, including tourist information. We just asked for the way to the city center and started to walk in the middle of taxi drivers offering their services. It was a long long walk of… 10 minutes haha We just took as many pictures as we could, walk around and I must say that the city looks better compared to the last time I was there. There’s still a lot of places under construction but it was nice anyway.

   photo SDC18363_zps86b7a683.jpg 
Ice creaaaam

   photo SDC18361_zpse43d25cb.jpg photo SDC18375_zpsa25cf796.jpg 
Here with Alex 8B

   photo SDC18402_zps3ed2a239.jpg 

   photo SDC18382_zps0708daff.jpg photo SDC18406_zpsb313cab4.jpg  photo SDC18384_zps09383b6a.jpg  photo SDC18419_zps92a4a361.jpg  photo SDC18409_zps0bd00be3.jpg  photo SDC18410_zps5e89291b.jpg  photo SDC18378_zps03ce5851.jpg  photo SDC18367_zps02acdb1b.jpg  photo SDC18428_zpsd8a44b4a.jpg  photo SDC18404_zps5f31517c.jpg  photo SDC18372_zps207a16a9.jpg  photo SDC18452_zpsdde122c0.jpg  photo SDC18393_zpsb7cf06b0.jpg 
Mother Teresa 8B
   photo SDC18365_zps653b5fe7.jpg photo SDC18427_zps33b3eb6c.jpg  photo SDC18389_zps0d3ea0eb.jpg 
Do you accept dinars? =P
   photo SDC18433_zps4bb9bd92.jpg 
The fountain of my nightmares haha

   photo SDC18456_zps30f72811.jpg photo SDC18414_zps9d4733b6.jpg  photo SDC18434_zpsc72799b4.jpg 

 Our last stop was the fortress, I wanted to go last time I was there but it was closed to the public because of a discover they made there. So this time I wanted to see it, but what happened? It was closed to the public! Again… or still? Anyway we went to a shopping mall to spend the last moments in that city, it was small but I bought a nice dress haha 

 photo SDC18438_zps3ce6ac5e.jpg  photo SDC18443_zps08fa2298.jpg  photo SDC18459_zpsdb855ffd.jpg 
Worst frappe ever hahaha 

 And finally went to the bus station to take our bus to Ohrid. We arrived at 7 and started to look for our hostel. It was kind of hard since we didn’t have a map, but we managed to get there by asking people in the street (luckily Macedonian is very similar to Serbian). We got there and the room was perfect for the price (8 euro each one), and we spent the rest of the day talking with the owner, since her English was almost inexistent but knew Serbian. Then her husband arrived and told us where to find a good restaurant, I didn’t get his instructions and he just said: “Oh, you speak Serbian but can’t understand.” But hell no, I cannot follow directions even in Spanish >_>

   photo SDC18461_zpscd9e08f7.jpg

Next day we just walked all around. It’s a cute city, and it’s famous for the big lake they have. The water was so clean, I almost could see the bottom. One guy offered us to take us in his boat for 5 euros for both of us, when the normal price is 10 euros per person. We just found that offer kind of… odd so, we declined and just continued taking pictures.

   photo zIMG_7235-copia_zps2e682a0d.jpg photo zIMG_7242-copia_zpsaf78c873.jpg  photo SDC18471_zps9bc15a76.jpg 

 The city center was cute, with a lot of small street, shops, restaurants, and that beautiful smell of lakes (I love the smell of rivers, lakes and sea). We went to the fortress but since the bus to Serbia departed at 5:45 we didn’t have time to go inside. Finally we returned to the hostel for our stuff and prepared to go.

   photo SDC18462_zps6d4cf861.jpg photo SDC18466_zps86de7a58.jpg  photo SDC18482_zpsaa8d5be6.jpg  photo SDC18486_zps40849c74.jpg  photo SDC18499_zps44001f01.jpg  photo SDC18506_zpsd914cabc.jpg  photo SDC18504_zpse2356173.jpg  photo SDC18489_zps7c2c5259.jpg  photo zIMG_7272-copia_zpsc2967622.jpg 
With Joce and his wife, nice people =) 

 We got to the bus station with enough time and money for one cappuccino. The best I’ve tried in a long time. And I haven’t mentioned, but people is really really nice, they are friendly and helpful, we had little conversation with some random people in the street, and it was nice how some of them understood Serbian pretty well, while I wasn’t able to understand Macedonian (just a few words haha).

   photo SDC18509_zpsb57d171e.jpg photo SDC18510_zpsca8ac653.jpg  photo SDC18512_zps74adb591.jpg 

 At the end we went into the bus because 12 hours of road were in front of us! Our last adventure was in the border, where the officer saw our passports and told us to take our stuff and go down the bus while all people stared at us like criminals. He was asking us why were we going to Serbia?, what were we doing?, and the only thing that came to my mind was that I’d have to wait there 9 hours till my embassy opened. At the end we managed to explain everything and he finally saw our temporary residence. The only thing we could do when we returned to the bus was to laugh, and try to sleep.

   photo zIMG_7273-copia_zpsc1361c58.jpg
He was the guy who made us feel uncomfortable >_>

We arrived to Belgrade at 6a.m, and they gave me a happy new. They changed me to another room again, a single room! So now I’m alone and happy ^^


  1. 'Makedonia!' xD jaajaja omg el don poli, que miedo!! Pero ke cool se ve todo!! <3 Y que weno ke ya stas mas a gusto en otro cuarto ~ cuidate plz!! <3

  2. Cuantos sitios bonitos, necesito salir de este país pero ya XDDD


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